Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens

Interview with Jay O’Brien – Vice President, Broadcasting & Gameday Productions

1) How did you hear about Cake Studios?

We were impressed by the work that Cake did for the Philadelphia Eagles, and they delivered a strong recommendation for Cake’s staff and process.

2) What do you love most about working with Cake?

We were drawn to their vast experience and range of work. They deliver unique content for each client project. Our in-house motion designer Brittany Jorge was very impressed with their work from a technical POV. Cake gave us the tools to evolve the package internally which is huge.

3) Tell us about the creative process with Cake Studios.

It’s a very collaborative process. They flew on-site to meet with all the key stakeholders in our organization and toured Baltimore so they could deliver on the city vibe effectively.  Their first pass was spot-on! They also baked-in elements to the proposal that we didn’t anticipate needing, especially multiple designs to display similar information to keep our content fresh and interesting. Cake thinks of everything!

The fact that Cake can deliver dynamic Xpression work is remarkable given how new that skillset is.

4 ) In His Own Words

The Cake team became a part of our larger Ravens Productions team and was invested in our broadcasts as much as we are!


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