Florida State University

Florida State University

Client Spotlight: Florida State University

Interview with Kirby Kander, Senior Director of Live Events

1) How did you hear about Cake Studios?

“In the summer of 2016, we built out two video control rooms. Part of this upgrade was moving our workflow from 720P to 1080P. As a result, we were challenged with building all of our show elements from the ground up. Ross Video is a very important partner in our workflow. Ross Video recommended Cake Studios as a partner who could help us create a graphics package that integrated seamlessly into their workflow.”

2) What do you love most about working with Cake?

“From the beginning conversations, I felt we had a strong partner with Cake Studios. Throughout the process, they were very attentive to detail and were able to create a look that embodies our team colors, symbols, and traditions. Our look was built to extend over several years and remain relevant. The feedback from our fans and sponsors has been very positive.”

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