St Louis Blues

St Louis Blues

Interview with Jason Pippi @ St Louis Blues

1) How did you hear about Cake Studios? 

“We were going through a bit of a transition in-house at the Blues and wanted to up our game. I asked friends of friends in the industry what agency they would recommend. The same name kept rising to the top as the most cutting edge company…and that was Cake Studios.”

2)  How long have you been working with them?

“We met at the Idea Conference in Detroit in July 2016. Cake Studios and the St Louis Blues have been working together for about a year now.”

3)  What do you love most about working with Cake?

“Everything about each client project they work on is totally unique to that brand and style. Many of the other agencies in this space have lots of old standards with cookie cutter elements applied to each and every client.”

4)  What kind of work did Cake Studios do for the St Louis Blues?

“We were moving from a ST to HD building and needed more content very quickly. Cake Studios delivered our new broadcast identity. We absolutely love it!”

5)  Tell us about the creative process with Cake Studios.

“Cake Studios is really great. They listened, tailored their work to our needs and made it a truly collaborative process.”

6) In His Own Words

“Cake Studios gave the St Louis Blues a broadcast identity for the first time. Every element was a singular message with the same look and feel. We normally use the same broadcast package for 2-3 years in the NHL. We love this package so much we don’t want to change it….but rather will add on to it.”


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